Healthy Eating Workshops

Our gut (gastrointestinal tract) is the organ that accepts, processes, absorbs and eventually expels unwanted food and drink. It starts in your mouth and goes all the way down to where your food comes out! It is usually the weakest point in our body and the place that suffers the most from the ‘modern’ lifestyle most of us lead. It’s for this reason that we should do periodic ‘gut repairs’ and cleanses to prevent inflammation, thus avoiding the need to use pills as the preventative or cure.

Sign up for a 4-week course to clean and repair your gut, improve your diet, your overall health and outlook on life.

How will you benefit?

  1. You will reset and repair your body by consuming fresh, whole foods while eliminating processed products from your diet, allowing you to experience what clean eating feels like and identify foods that trigger any digestive discomforts.
  2. You will be guided in healthy food choices with a custom-made list of recipes, introducing you to new foods and healthier ways to prepare some of your old favourites.
  3. You will experience an increase in your energy level as unhelpful foods such as sugar, gluten, and dairy are removed from your diet and slowly re-introduced to see how you react.
  4. Sugar cravings will be reduced, your sleep will improve, as will your skin and your mood.
  5. A final added bonus will be the shrinking of your waistline

The Course:

  • 4 x 90-minute group coaching sessions with weekly themes
  • Food and smoothie sampling
  • Simple and delicious recipes (that the whole family will like)
  • Dedicated private Facebook page group and the opportunity to partner-up to keep ideas and motivation flowing;  do this with a best friend or a new friend you meet at the weekly coaching sessions
  • Extensive email support and information through articles, recipes, etc.
  • A gift to help your experience be even better
  • Small group size – limited to 10


Earlier this year I followed a Healthy Gut Healthy You course with Laraba, which was very inspirational. It’s a whole new way of looking at Read more

P. ten Hoope-Bender,
Geneva, Switzerland


2 course options, daytime or after work:

Morning Option: 4 weeks starting European Time Zone

Evening Option: 4 weeks starting European Time Zone

CHF300 for 4-week ONLINE workshop
(90 minutes each week and a dedicated Facebook group)

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